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Clayton Kershaw’s uncle is famous. Sort of. OK, not really, but this is neat.

Via Dodger Thoughts, comes word from Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw that his great uncle discovered Pluto. No real context there. Kershaw just asserts it in response to a question about, um, Pluto. OK, I’m guessing that was a plant by someone who knew that Kershaw’s uncle discovered Pluto. If Wikipedia is to be believed, Kershaw’s uncle is either Clyde Tombaugh -- who is credited with the discovery -- or Percival Lowell, who captured the first photos, though he didn’t know it at the time. If Kershaw is related to Lowell, my opinion of him just went way down, because really it was Tombaugh who put two and two together.

Er, yeah, this may stretch the boundaries of what constitutes baseball news, but (a) you learned something today; and (b) the next time you see Clayton Kershaw, you’re going to think of Pluto, and that has to count for something.