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Document shows that Jamie McCourt does too own the Dodgers

Recently there has been some noise about Jamie and Frank McCourt settling their divorce case and Frank buying Jamie out. A lot of this is likely borne of a desire to avoid a nasty trail that would likely have a lot of stuff about people sleeping with people who weren’t their spouse at the time and overpaid faith healers and other ugly things showing how the rich are different than you and me.

A lot of it, however, likely also has to do with the fact that Jamie faces a pretty tough fight to get around that document she signed basically giving the Dodgers to Frank in exchange for all of their personal real estate. But that part of the equation may be changing:

Jamie McCourt’s attorneys said Thursday they have located a document showing she has an equal stake in the ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers and that the revelation will dramatically alter a bitter struggle for the team amid McCourt’s divorce proceedings . . .

. . . Thursday’s filing contends that newly discovered documents correctly spell out the team’s ownership, granting Jamie McCourt a stake. The agreement was located after a forensic analysis of other documents in the case revealed that another copy of the 2004 agreement improperly included an exhibit designating Frank McCourt as the Dodgers’ sole owner.

Shockingly, Jamie’s lawyers say this is huge while Frank’s lawyers say it’s not. It is wonderfully crazy, though, as big surprises on the eve of a trial often are. Indeed, the only thing that would make this better is if a ragged man appeared at the back of a courtroom claiming -- Martin Guerre-style -- that he was the real Frank McCourt.

In other news, this day has officially been lost to baseball nutcases and their legal problems, so if Pete Rose or someone else wants to pipe up, now would be a great time to do so.