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Instant replay isn’t going to happen on Frank Robinson’s watch

Here’s Frank Robinson -- Vice President of Baseball Operations -- talking about the many blown calls so far this postseason. Listen to this and tell me if you think instant replay is going to be expanded any time soon:

What people don’t understand is that this is a different era now. This is strictly an electronic era that shows every little wrinkle, every little mistake. The margin of a mistake is minute. And they still complain about the call being missed.

In the old days when people thought umpires were better than they are today . . . if that play had been 10 years ago, there would have been nothing said about it. Believe me. The game would have went on with nothing said about it. That’s the problem today. (Television) shows every little piece of dirt that you can find in the game. There’s nothing wrong with it. But it creates controversy. It puts undue pressure on the umpires. And they are criticized unfairly.

19th Century Policeman: Captain! I think I’ve solved the Colonel Stilson murder!

Captain: That’s wonderful, Officer MacDougal! Did you get the butler to confess?

Policeman: No, sir. But our chemists have developed a new technology by which we were able to determine that the butler had handled the bloody candlestick prior to it being used to bludgeon poor Colonel Stilson! His fingers, you see, left telltale marks, unique to him alone!

Captain: Really, officer. This is what you bring me? Marks from a man’s fingers? Why, ten years ago, we would have had nothing on which to charge this butler if he had not confessed to the crime. Believe me. He would have walked free with nothing said about it. That’s the problem today. This new learning reveals every little piece of evidence that can found. There’s nothing wrong with it, mind you, but it creates such a controversy and causes criminals to be criticized unfairly. Please release the butler.

Officer: But . . . but Captain! He did it! We know this to be true! He murdered Colonel Stilson!

Captain: If you continue on in this manner, Officer MacDougal, I shall have no choice but to levy a fine. Now, go back and see if the butler might confess. Good day.

Officer: But --

Captain: I SAID ‘GOOD DAY!’