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Jose Canseco fails to show up for court case over his failing to show up for a boxing match

ozzie and jose canseco

Jose Canseco dabbles in the celebrity boxing world. He’s terrible at it, getting his butt beat fairly often, but he dabbles. At least when he bothers so show up. He didn’t show up for a bout back in March, sending his twin brother Ozzie instead. His promoter wasn’t fooled, however, cancelled the bout and sued Canseco for the $7,600 he paid him.

If you were expecting a drawn-out legal battle you were sadly mistaken. Canseco simply refused to answer the complaint or show up, so the promoter got a default judgment against the former All-Star. He has no illusions that he’ll ever see the money, though, saying “Am I going to see it? Probably never.”

I think the most unsettling thing about it all comes at the end when the promoter says that he has bouts set up involving Octomom and Michael Lohan. They’ll probably show up because, unlike Canseco, they’re pure class.