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Not cool: C.J. Wilson tweets Mike Napoli’s cell phone number

Cell Phone

C.J. Wilson and Mike Napoli are former teammates and now play for division rivals. Mike Napoli recently taunted Wilson, saying that he can’t wait to hit home runs off Wilson. So, naturally, Wilson gets him back in proportional style: by tweeting Napoli’s cell phone to his 100,000+ Twitter followers.

Dave Brown of Big League Stew explains it all. And I gotta agree with Dave here: not cool.

Wilson, one would think, knows as well as anyone how precious the privacy of a well-known baseball player is. And while Wilson defended himself by explaining how easy it is to switch your digits if you need to, it’s still a hassle.

And while I tend to agree with the Mahatma that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, if Napoli can arrange it he should totally try to get Wilson’s number changed to 867-5309.