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A very interesting rationale for predicting LeBron James to the Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat

Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat

NBAE/Getty Images

As LeBron James is reportedly deliberating whether to sign with the Miami Heat or Cleveland Cavaliers, might he already have tipped his hand?

Matt Borcas of Grantland:

This theory is predicated on the web developer of LeBron’s site knowing where LeBron will sign, which is possible.

It’s also possible the developer wants to be prepared for any contingencies.

I guarantee reporters have LeBron-to-Cleveland stories pre-written. They have LeBron-to-Miami stories pre-written, too.

Discovering the former wouldn’t necessarily reveal any inside info about LeBron, and it’s possible this doesn’t either.

But, admittedly, I find this sleuthing very interesting. It’s a clue – though far from definitive