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Chris Bosh still developing documentary

You’d think he would have noticed everything. The monumental backlash to “The Decision.” The massive criticism for Wade even mentioning 9/11. The plummeting Q ratings.

You’d think Chris Bosh would have noticed that all the attention and self-aggrandizement the Big 3 in Miami have brought on themselves has been too much and they need to pull it back. You’d be wrong for thinking so.

Ira Winderman brings us this quote from Bosh in discussion with ESPN:

“The documentary is coming along great,” he told ESPN. “I filmed a lot of footage. I have over 80 hours of footage taped, and I’m just trying to find out a direction and style that I want to incorporate. I might make it into an hour special.” Or even more. “Well, it could be a two-hour special. It might be a mini-series,” he said. “It will have a 24/7 feel. . . . I’ve been studying a lot and seeing what’s the best avenue to take it in.”

The documentary will pull in ratings, just as “The Decision” did. But just because people will watch something doesn’t mean they’ll like it. And part of Bosh’s brand management is not just getting his name out there, but making sure people like what he’s pushing. And it’s hard to imagine this will go over well.

There’s a phrase, something about how sausage is made, that comes to mind.