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Curry shrugs off Durant to Warriors trade rumors, “I like where we’re at”

Natalie, Imman Adan and Marc J. Spears discuss the possibility of the Golden State Warriors trading for Kevin Durant and why this idea could soon be a reality.

While the actual trade is challenging to construct and reports are the talks are not serious, the rumors of Kevin Durant being traded back to the Warriors will not die. They fascinate a segment of NBA Twitter.

Stephen Curry has heard them and shrugged.

Curry is golfing this weekend in the American Century Championship tournament in South Lake Tahoe — he’s a regular at the annual celebrity event — and told Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area he’s good with the roster that just won an NBA crown.

“The rumor mill and all that stuff is part of the nature of the NBA and league,” Curry told NBC Sports Bay Area this week. “You take it for what it is. You know how quickly things can change, but I like where we’re at.”

Durant and the Warriors stars reportedly have spoken, but more in a “wouldn’t that be wild” way rather than a “let’s push for this to happen” way.

Nothing is off the table for Brooklyn in a Durant trade, but their steep asking price — an All-Star level player, other players and multiple first-round picks, a bigger haul than Utah got in the Rudy Gobert trade — has kept the market lukewarm. Durant is an MVP-level player, but what team can surrender all those assets and still field a contending team around KD? This is likely to be a three- or four-team trade with a lot of players moving teams, and something that works for the Nets is not on the table. Yet.

The Warriors are under no pressure to make a Durant trade — they are already a championship team.

So Curry shrugs and focuses on his golf game.