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Rajon Rondo leaves DeMarcus Cousins hanging, so Kings center high fives himself (video)

DeMarcus Cousins – excellent basketball player, terrible high fiver.

Cousins snubbed teammate Kosta Koufos on a high five earlier this season, leaving Koufos to high five himself. After that game, Cousins rightfully apologized.

Yesterday, Cousins had to slap his own hand after Rajon Rondo left him hanging. But again, this was Cousins’ fault. Why was he trying to high five Rondo after a Seth Curry free throw? You don’t get dap for standing on the lane for the first of two free throws.

Cousins and Rondo have been on the same page, and they clearly laughed off this miscue. Cousins offensively rebounded Curry’s subsequent miss and drew his own trip to the line, chuckling with Rondo as they took their positions. Following the first free throw, it appeared Cousins and Rondo whiffed on yet another high five, though this time not for a lack of effort. As Cousins shot his second free throw, he directed some playful-looking words to Rondo.

Unfortunately for the Kings, they weren’t in such a good mood after the game.

If you’re a Comcast subscriber in Northern California, you can stream tonight’s Kings-Warriors game here.