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Reggie Jackson calls timeout with Clippers out of them (video)

Ever since Chris Webber called a timeout Michigan didn’t have late in the 1993 NCAA championship game against North Carolina, that particular mistake has been viewed as particularly grievous.

Clippers guard Reggie Jackson did it last night.

With L.A. up six on the Heat and 27.5 seconds left, Marcus Morris Sr. got trapped by a full-court press. Jackson tried to save his teammate by calling timeout. But the Clippers were out of them, triggering a technical foul.

Jackson was demonstrably devastated. The Heat made the free throw, scored on their ensuing possession and fouled Jackson, who missed his first free throw.

But Jackson made the second to salvage a 109-105 win. Despite his gaffe, Jackson played well overall (16 points, eight rebounds, six assists) to help the Clippers win without Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Like with Webber, though, the timeout is what will get remembered from Jackson’s performance.

Never mind that Michigan was trailing and already likely to lose. Also never mind Webber would’ve been better off reputationally if his blatant travel seconds prior had been called.

For Jackson, at least this was a regular-season victory, not a national-championship-game loss.