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Capitals fans need a reality check

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It’s amazing what is happening in Washington. The Capitals and Alex Ovechkin have been able to turn the D.C. area into a thriving, intense and absolutely crazy hockey town. In fact, it’s generally considered that the Verizon Center is the most exciting place to watch a hockey game. The fans are loud and boisterous, and think of some of the greatest and most inventive ways to show their fanaticism.

The Capitals do their part as well. Out of 34 home games this season, the Capitals have lost just nine -- only five of which were in regulation. That means that 85% of the time fans go to a home game, they’ll watch their team get at least a point. There’s absolutely nothing for them to complain about.

So imagine my surprise yesterday while watching the Capitals host the Flames when boos rained down on the team from the stands, as the home team entered the first intermission down 4-0.

There is not team in the NHL that deserves to be booed at home less than the Washington Capitals. I understand that it was a rough period for the team on Sunday afternoon, against the Calgary Flames no less, but in the course of a season it’s going to happen to a team. There are going to be games where the other team just happens to play better.

The fact that it hasn’t happened very often for the Capitals does not make it right to boo them when it does. Coach Boudreau was just as shocked as I was.

“When you’ve lost four out of 35 at home, give the guys at break,” Boudreau said in his postgame press conference. “I could see it if we were doing this on a regular basis.”

Be thankful for the times when you have an insanely dominant team, and support them in any and every way possible while you can. It’s not going to last forever. This is a team that is one of the most dominant teams we’ve ever seen in the NHL, and you boo them after one bad period? Nevermind that the Caps were able to come back and actually make it a good game, before eventually losing 5-3.

The Washington Capitals have had a four-goal deficit for less than ten minutes -- total -- all season long. TEN MINUTES out of more than 7,500.

Yep, that’s boo-worthy.