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Forget ‘Cindy’ Crosby, now we have ‘Chrissy’ Pronger ...

First*, there was “Cindy” Crosby. Now, the Chicago Tribune presents the latest hockey makeover(?): “Chrissy” Pronger.

* - OK, that’s definitely NOT the first case of an athlete’s name being “feminized” but work with me here, folks.

If you have an aversion to clicking, the link above captures a Photoshop job by the newspaper that superimposes the legs of a figure skater (one would assume) wearing an orange skirt onto the body of the towering Philadelphia Flyers defenseman. There’s also the classy on-liner “Looks like Tarzan, skates like Jane.”

Wow. Frankly, this is the kind of thing you’d expect to come out of someone’s mother’s basement, right? Obviously, the newspaper is far from serious about the poster. There’s even a little “info graphic” that includes “100%: Chance we’ll change our minds if the Hawks sign him.”

All elbowing aside, while the joke is a bit lacking imagination-wise, it’s a ludicrously amusing image and it will be surreal to see it held up at the United Center if the series reaches a Game 7. If nothing else, this strange decision shows just how hockey-crazed the city of Chicago is right now.

Regardless of what Richard Roeper says.