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NHLPA files response to NHL’s class action complaint

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What’s more interesting than talking about legal matters? Hockey -- but let’s talk about the prior for a moment.

You might remember that the NHL filed a class action complaint in Federal Court in New York. The league did so in response to the players voting on the matter of giving the NHLPA’s executive board the power to file a disclaimer of interest.

Well, the union has filed its response, courtesy of TSN legal analyst Eric Macramalla.

Let’s pretend for a moment you don’t actually want to read through the roughly 21-page legal statement and would instead like a brief summary. Luckily Macramalla gave just that:

NHLPA looking for court to punt NHL’s lawsuit on basis that mere threat of a possible disclaimer is not enough of a basis for the lawsuit

— Eric Macramalla (@EricOnSportsLaw) January 3, 2013

NHLPA: as well, this is all being done by the NHL to secure a favourable court to hear its case - which is what the NY court could be

— Eric Macramalla (@EricOnSportsLaw) January 3, 2013

So NHLPA’s argument:NHL wants Court to rule on a hypothetical but cant; as well even if wasnt hypothetical NHL just trying to get fav court

— Eric Macramalla (@EricOnSportsLaw) January 3, 2013

U.S. District Judge Paul A. Engelmayer has been assigned to this case and has scheduled a status conference for Jan. 7. However, Engelmayer said that “the parties are directed to meet and confer on these subjects before Monday Jan. 7.”

In other words, the NHL and union should feel free to reach a new CBA ahead of time.


Players to re-vote on disclaimer of interest