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Deion Sanders at the root of Dez’s eligibility issue?

Earlier this afternoon, we noted that Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant had been declared ineligible by the school for violating an NCAA rule.

The Cowboys released a statement saying that “Bryant failed to openly disclose to the NCAA the full details of his interaction with a former NFL player not affiliated with OSU.”

The school did not name the ex-NFLer, but thanks to a heads-up from the good folks at the blog Shot of Ginn, we now know that Bryant has apparently fingered via Facebook the “culprit”.

Deion Sanders.

While you have to be a friend of Dez in order to view his status, here is Dez’s explanation of the situation as relayed to us by Shot of Ginn:

“This is why I’m suspended.....I went to Deion sanders house ....and the NCAA found out.....they ask me if I been to his house I told them no...I thought it was a violation...but it wasn’t... so I told them I went to his house... I lied to ...them and I shouldn’t have....and I’m not suspended for the rest of the season....I’m sorry osu!!”

Which, of course, begs the question: WTF was Dez doing lying to the NCAA? Nothing good can come of that. Nothing.

Unfortunately for the star receiver, he found that out the hard way.

UPDATE: As noted by the esteemed Mr. Florio over at that one site you may have heard about, Deion has confirmed that he is indeed the former NFL player mentioned in OSU’s original statement on Bryant being ineligible.