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Comment of the Day: The Mariners don’t need Felix Hernandez

Reader ufy1950 would like to disabuse Seattle Mariners fans of the notion that they really need Felix Hernandez around:

Well my friend. It’s you who are delusional. In a team sport no one player is any more valuable then his teammates. Unless the Mariners are successful King Felix will be nothing more then a footnote in MLB History. And that’s a fact. Ask yourself this question. How valuable was Dan Marino to the Miami Dolphins who never won a Super Bowl? Other then his personal accomplishments the Dolphins could have accomplished the same things they did with or without Marino and the same is true of the Mariners. So don’t overestimate or overstate King Felix’s value to the Mariners.

So I guess what he’s saying is that any of you Dolphins fans who remember the Marino years fondly are very, very wrong to feel that way. Because any team that retains popular superstar players without winning a championship is an utter failure that is not to be enjoyed. Or something.