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Expanded replay being talked about for this year’s playoffs -- which is rather odd

foul ball


Baseball’s bigwigs are meeting in Cooperstown. Here’s something on the table:

One idea on table for #MLB owners meetings currently underway in Cooperstown is expanded replay for this year’s playoffs.

— David Lennon (@DPLennon) August 14, 2013

Great. And I do mean great: I want to see the right calls made, and if this means the right calls are made this October I’m all for it.

Someone please tell me, though, why one would start something new in the playoffs rather than in spring games that don’t matter or at the beginning of the season so you can work out the bugs. Because remember: the complexity of any proposed system is what has long been cited as a reason for baseball dragging its feet on expanded replay.

If you can drop it in with a little over a month’s notice to the most important games of the season, why couldn’t this have been done long ago? If the system is so complex and problems are likely to be encountered, why are we dropping it in now?