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Quote of the Day: Terry Francona is anti-moping

Terry Francona

Terry Francona


There’s this expectation among sports fans that if a team isn’t playing well, the team shouldn’t be happy about it. They like conspicuous moping and, in the past have, with the help of the media, turned non-sad athletes on losing teams into bad guys who are expected to answer for not deporting themselves in a funereal fashion.

The Indians aren’t playing well. But Terry Francona will not have them mope. Not for a second:

Music was blasting in clubhouse Friday. Players were in a good mood. Said Francona:

— Jordan Bastian (@MLBastian) May 1, 2015

Francona, of course, lost his job in Boston, in part, because he had some players who just wanted to eat a fine meal in a comfortable room and not, I dunno, sit on the bench trying to out-grim one another.

I’m glad Francona didn’t pay any attention to those scolds and that he’s fine with his players relaxing and enjoying themselves, even when they’re losing. Life sucks an awful lot of the time and we all die at the end of it. It makes no sense to create more dreariness than there already is. It’s the emotional equivalent of false hustle.