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Take a deep breath before wading into the Manny-Papi commentary

Whenever major steroids news breaks, we can be assured of a few things: shock, outrage, overreaction, and moralizing. I don’t think anything I can say will head that off at the pass, but let me at least try. This is addressed mostly to the sports media, but let’s just make it a general “to whom it may concern:"

You’re not surprised, so please don’t pretend you are. The only people who will truly surprise you to be associated with steroids are Derek Jeter, juniors Cal Ripken and Ken Griffey, and dudes like Jason Tyner and whatnot (though guys like him shouldn’t surprise you).

You’ve not been betrayed, so please don’t claim to be. You enjoyed the baseball of those years and nothing of value has been taken from you as a result of recent revelations. While it’s totally legitimate to be turned off and disappointed and generally depressed about all of this, if your sense of trust has been so violated by all of this steroids business that you actually feel the need to claim “betrayal,” you probably need to examine if you’re still a fan or not.

And you know this one is going to come up like crazy, so let’s be perfectly clear: the Red Sox’ championship in 2004 is not tainted. At least no more tainted than the outcome of any other championship won by any other team in at least the past 20 years, not to mention the awards and the regular season games and everything else, so please don’t even go there. Baseball had a steroids problem. Not just the Red Sox, not just the Yankees, not just the Orioles, Rangers or A’s. As such, to the extent one uses this latest news as a means of singling out the Sox, one is simply showing that they see the entire world through rivalries and not reason.

Now, with that out of the way, you may resume your regularly-scheduled outrage.