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Curry reads harsh draft scouting report in new ad

Stephen Curry is everywhere lately. He’s shooting socks with Stephen Colbert. Golfing with Barack Obama. Working out a larger endorsement deal with Under Armour. Working on his ball handling and shooting. Taking the Larry O’Brien trophy back to Davidson. Even talking to me.

And in his spare time, he’s got a new deal with a website called CoachUp (sort of Angie’s List for 1-on-1 personal coaches for a variety of sports). With them, he created a new ad where Curry reads one of the scouting reports from when he was drafted No. 10 back in 2009.

At the time nobody questioned his shooting, but he was pictured more as a shooting specialist, not someone who likely would be a point guard in the NBA. And in a traditional offense, he may not be as great — but he is a perfect point guard for where the NBA is evolving. Which makes this ad work.

Also consider this a reminder that scouting and drafting is an inexact science (or, you can just read the latest Anthony Bennett news).