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Kobe Bryant laughs off long list of arguably negative descriptors about him: ‘They’re all true’ (video)

HBO’s Andrea Kremer read Kobe Bryant a list of descriptors said about him:

  • loner
  • selfish
  • single-minded
  • arrogant
  • aloof
  • relentless
  • obsessed
  • ruthless
  • “mother Fing a—hole” (by Steve Nash)

Kobe’s response: laughter. Why?

“Because they’re all true.”

You can add brutally honest – even at his own expense – to the list.

These traits helped make Kobe one of the greatest players of all-time. He knows that, accepts it and even embraces it.

But they also make him someone not everyone wants to deal with, especially as his production declined over the last few years.

That’s the tradeoff – one that has definitely worked in his favor so far. The next question is whether Kobe will show a warmer side in retirement, channel his passion into new causes or… it’s a scary alternative even to consider.