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Mark Cuban thinks NBA should consider moving three-point line back

Mavericks Bucks Basketball

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban watches his team warm up for an NBA basketball game against the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)


On average, the NBA is shooting 35.2 percent from three this season. In the past 15 years, both players and game strategy have evolved to take advantage of the extra point afford a three. Teams are both taking more threes and becoming m0re efficient at making them. It has opened up the floor, especially now with big men who need to be respected all the way out to the arc.

Is the 23'9" that the NBA three-point too close for a modern NBA player?

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban thinks maybe. Here is what he told Tim MacMahon of ESPN.

Mark Cuban says the NBA should consider moving the 3-point line back to open up the court more. He thinks it would also encourage players to develop a midrange game.

Stephen Curry says to ahead and move it to 28 feet, he’ll just keep shooting. And hitting.

There are logistical questions here, such as do you take away the corner three or just extend the top of the arc out higher? How much farther back? But the bigger questions are philosophical — d Is there a tipping point where it becomes bad for the game and it’s entertainment value? Are we anywhere near that point?

The change may have players shooting a few more midrange jumpers as they adapt to the new distance, but there would be unintended consequences as well. It’s the kind of thing we would see in the D-League for a season or two before it was considered for the NBA.