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NBA using new transparent shot clock that improves timing coordination


Chavez Booth, Michael

Referees are calling perfection undesirable.

Meanwhile, the NBA is trying to get more calls right.

The league will use a new shot clock with better technology next season.

NBA release:

The clean, sleek shot clock is visibly free of cables and conductors and equipped with TISSOT’s LED glass, making the clock nearly transparent when in use and fully transparent while turned off. It integrates the 24-second, timeout, and game clocks in one piece of hardware – a first for the league. Transitions between numbers are instant and undetectable even by high-speed TV cameras, resulting in definitive footage that will further assist NBA referees and the NBA Replay Center in evaluating certain critical calls.

The new system simultaneously transmits exact timing data to all in-arena scoreboards and video equipment, letting fans follow the action within fractions of a second. Clock and scoreboard operators in all arenas will control the system

I’m all for using technology to reduce human error. The less put on referees, the better. Allow them to focus on the calls that can’t be made through technology.

Plus, the new shot clock should reduce replay times and allow fans behind the shot clock a better view.

This change is probably overdue, but it’s a good step in improving the game.