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Report: LeBron James’ camp denies him texting Kevin Durant about Lakers team-up

The uncertainty of the Lakers young roster may be too big of a risk for LeBron James to take at this point in his career.

LeBron James reportedly texted Kevin Durant about playing together on the Lakers.

Joe Vardon of

File this under: What else is he supposed to say? LeBron doesn’t want to look weak – by needing to beg stars to join him, by trying to break up the Warriors, by getting rejected.

But Durant is the next-best free agent available. LeBron would be doing himself a disservice if he didn’t recruit Durant, especially because luring Durant would undermine LeBron’s biggest competition.

I don’t know whether LeBron specifically texted Durant about joining the Lakers. Again, whether or not he did, LeBron has every reason to deny it now. But I believe they’ve probably discussed the possibility of teaming up. Most stars have with each other. It’s a fun topic. Sometimes it’s more serious, sometimes less. But the idea often gets floated.

Perhaps, it got spun into something bigger than it was here. Perhaps, not.

Either way, LeBron wants to put it behind him as he enters free agency.