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Report: Ray Allen wants to play to extend his 3-point record over Stephen Curry

Ray Allen is making news about a potential comeback. Again.

I figured Allen just looking for attention, but he might have another motivation:

Stephen Curry.

Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe, via CSN New England:

Ray wants to play again. I’m sure about that. I don’t think he particularly enjoys watching Stephen Curry rain 3s and challenge his record and be called the best shooter in the world. I think that bothers him. I know Ray wants to extend his all-time 3-point record.

Allen has spoken positively about Curry, but that doesn’t preclude the competitive Allen from wanting to best Curry.

Allen still holds the all-time 3-point record (2,973), but it appears to be only a matter of time until 19th-place Curry (1,593) passes him.

Here are the career arcs for 3-pointers through each age for Curry (yellow) and Allen (green):


If Allen returns, he’ll certainly play a limited role, and his 3-point pace would flatten even further. But every additional Allen 3-pointer makes it a little less likely Curry catches him.

It’d still probably take a bigger shift – Curry getting hurt or the NBA moving back the arc – but Allen could buy himself a little more margin for error by playing again.