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Shaq hitting road in one huge RV, courtesy the Celtics


Shaquille O’Neal really never struck me as the RVing type.

But if your RV is the size of Hearst Castle, and hard to miss driving down the highway thanks to a not-too-subtle paint job, then maybe.

Well, that’s just what Shaq got from the Boston Celtics, according to CSN New England. Shaq also put up a video about it.

“Here’s that new Shaq-mobile,” he said while filming. “Look at it. This is my retirement present from the Celtics. Danny Ainge, thanks boiee….”

Shaq’s girlfriend, better known as “Hoopz” from the reality show “Flaver of Love”, has tweeted that the two are going to take it on a cross-country trip. And you can bet it will be well documented (We smell a new reality show in the makings).

But seriously, Shaq Diesel finally has a form of transportation that lives up to his nickname.

I’m guessing that is the first time Ainge has been called “boiee” by anyone.

So, when you see this mammoth RV rolling down the highways and byways of America, you’ll know what’s going on — Shaq and reality television. Courtesy the Boston Celtics.