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Steve Kerr trolls Rockets by flopping during media availability

The debate about the officiating in Game 1 has been the topic of debate on Monday. As if the Rockets lost because of that and not the 33 threes they missed. The league has issued its report, there were undoubtedly missed calls (and Klay Thompson did foul James Harden on shots in the first half that the officials should have called), but in the end the Warriors made plays and the Rockets hunted calls.

Houston has formally complained about the calls favoring the Warriors going back to the Western Conference Finals last season, saying it cost them the title. Not the 27 straight missed threes in Game 7, or losing Game 3 by 41, or Game 6 by 29. It was the officials.

The Warriors are having none of it. Steve Kerr had the best response, flopping during his media availability on Monday to make a point.

Curry said the Warriors could send in video of missed calls if they wanted, too.

Klay Thompson said of Harden’s landing spot on jumpers, “If they’re going to land in front of where they started, it’s on the offensive player.”

The Rockets can complain all they want trying to influence the calls in Game 2, but they also simply need to play better. Because the Warriors will hit more than seven threes and turn the ball over fewer than 20.6 percent of their possessions. The Warriors at home and better rested will improve. The Rockets need to as well.