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The site is not exactly what Nets fans expect


The Brooklyn Nets have a really good official team Web site. Ben Couch and the guys provide good content, plus they have all the usual stuff (roster, schedule, etc.)

But that’s not what you get if you go to You get what you see to the right (and below).

That domain name belongs to what appears to be a Russian company, and you get a picture of Mark Cuban sticking his tounge out and Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov getting called out on a Russian mistress scandal.

Trey Kerby at The Basketball Jones did the reasarch so you don’t have to

People are saying that Mark Cuban bought to mess with his newest rival, but there is absolutely no way that’s the case. One, the WhoIs data shows the site to be in the hands of Cyber Mesa Computer Systems, who have owned the site since 1994 and will continue to own it until 2014. Two, the site is in broken English and Russian, which means a) there’s no way it was Mark Cuban unless this is a too-clever part of the ruse and b) it was probably a Russian.

I bet the Russian group (although they have owned the site for 8 years. Either way, pretty funny.