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Coyotes moving to Winnipeg? Not so fast.

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that there was a ‘report’ published that stated emphatically that the Phoenix Coyotes would be returning to Winnipeg. Even though we here at Pro Hockey Talk are technically not averse to posting rumors from around the league, I was hesitant on this one.

This is fairly big story if true, and I wanted to wait until there were some other, more trustworthy sources out there that either completely debunked this report or actually gave it credence. My hesitation was the result of a number of factors: I have no idea how trustworthy this blogger is (who covers the Vancouver Canucks), he starts of saying it’s a done deal then says in the story there’s still some details to be work out, and this comes from a website that is known for for a making a living on unsubstantiated rumors. First, here’s an excerpt from the original story:

Well here it is: the scoop. The one that matters and the one you heard first. The Coyotes are coming not the Thrashers and yes, Mr. David Thomson is involved. The team will be moving to Winnipeg for next season and the thank god. At least this team has a fighting chance versus the previous rumoured option of Atlanta.

What he’s talking about is a slew of rumors from earlier in the season that the Thrashers would be moving to Winnipeg. I don’t know how grounded those rumors were in reality, but I’ve heard nothing about it since. Now, it seems everyone (well, at least this guy is) is convinced it’s the Coyotes that are moving. Well, not so fast there, killer.

According to Jim Gintinio’s Ice Chips blog on, he doesn’t believe the team is moving and approaches the report with a bit of humor.

Wonder if he was talking to the same driver who trucked Robert Irsay and the Colts out of Baltimore.

I do not believe the Coyotes are going anywhere - except to the playoffs in about a month.

If this ends up being true, then I’ll apologize to the original author. But the article is so filled with hearsay, generalities and then mixed with emphatic declarations it’s tough to take it seriously.

(H/T to Kukla’s)