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Donald Fehr argues against a “50/50 split”


Jeff Z. Klein spotlights some interesting bits from Donald Fehr’s Thursday conference call, delving deeper into the thorny issue of splitting up revenue.

Fehr makes interesting points about the salary cap and “fair market value,” yet his comments about the idea of a “50/50 split” might be the most interesting.

In his eyes, splitting revenue evenly doesn’t make for a true partnership.

“If we are partners, do we have joint control?” Fehr said. “Do we get to have an equal say on how the marketing is done, how the promotion is done, where the money is invested, where the franchises are located? Do we have an equal say on when teams are sold, where the money goes? Do we get part of that? Do we have an equal say on how the television arrangements are done? Do we have an equal say on anything? That’s what a partnership normally implies.”

Under the soon-to-expire CBA, players received 57 percent of the pie.

The owners want to take a serious slice while the players have already offered to reduce their takeaway (at first), but it’s widely known that the two sides are far apart.

Fehr indicates that the discussions involve more than just the revenue split, though.

(H/T to Kukla’s Korner.)