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Fehr, Bettman debate merits of escrow


Earlier today, PHT noted that the NHL and NHLPA are bickering over terminology in the latest CBA talks.

Recent reports indicate that along with arguing over the exact revenue pies they’re going to slice up, the two sides are also debating the merits of escrow vs. “salary rollbacks.”

Here’s a quick summary that attempts to keep your brain cells (reasonably) intact:

How it might work

Various sources including Renaud P. Lavoie report that the NHLPA is expecting a 15-20 percent escrow toll.

How it used to work

Travis Hughes points out that escrow maxed out at 12 percent in the expiring CBA, with an eight percent mark last season.

Semantic arguments

Hughes has Fehr’s full quote, where he argues that escrow and salary rollbacks aren’t all that different for players:

“From a players’ standpoint,” Fehr said, “it doesn’t make much difference. If the player doesn’t get the dollar value of his contract because of a roll back in the contract, or whether he doesn’t get an amount because there’s escrow, he still doesn’t get it. It amounts to the same thing.”

Michael Grange paraphrases Bettman’s counter-point.

Expect some more digestible Bettman comments later tonight.


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