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Former Avs enforcer Parker sticks up for Bertuzzi...wait, what?

Scott Parker

So the big thing on the internets today is Scott Parker’s interview with Mile High Hockey, in which the former enforcer with the Avs and Sharks says, among many other things, that Todd Bertuzzi got “dealt some bad cards” with regards to the infamous Steve Moore incident in 2004.

SCOTT PARKER: Yeah, yeah. [Bertuzzi’s] a good man. He, he is. I mean, he did get dealt some bad cards, and the thing is, [Steve Moore] always thought he was better than everybody else. He went to Harvard, you know what, b*** me. College grad. I never went to college, but I can kick your ass. I’ll bring you right down to my IQ level if you want. I’ll hit you about four times in the skull, that’ll bring you right down. So, you know, Todd just, it was one of those games. Markus Naslund, the captain of the Canucks, gets taken out. It was a little sketchy what happened, but, hey. And then Moore, he fought, I think Cooke came after him and then he fought, which wasn’t really a fight. Todd wasn’t really thrilled with it, they were losing, I think it was 8 to 1 in their home barn.

(Actually, it was 8-2, but that’s not important.)

It’s not the first time we’ve heard Bertuzzi’s actions justified, but we can’t remember a former teammate of Moore’s do it. (Parker wasn’t with the Avs when the incident occurred.)