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Ice Edge not totally out of Coyotes negotiations, just ‘napping’?

It’s been a big couple days for news revolving around the Phoenix Coyotes and their future in either Arizona or maybe their original home, Winnipeg. Earlier today, Brandon shared news that the league is at least putting together a ‘Plan B’ with its 2010-11 schedule that includes a Winnipeg “contingency plan.”

On the plus side for fans hoping the team stays in Arizona, last night’s report that Ice Edge Holdings is backing out of the negotiations apparently is only partially rue, for now. At least according to this story from the Associated Press.

Talks between Ice Edge Holdings and the city of Glendale on a new lease agreement for the Phoenix Coyotes are not dead but “probably more like taking a nap,’' a person with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

The person, who asked for anonymity because of the private nature of the situation, told the AP that the city was focusing on talks with the NHL over the league’s request for cash, probably $20 million to $25 million, to cover next season’s operating losses while sale of the team is completed.

The matter was on the agenda for the Glendale city council meeting Tuesday night.

This story is the “mafia” of NHL ownership stories: every time you think that there’s some clarity and you find your way “out” of it, a new wrinkle surfaces to pull you “back in.” There’s a chance that there might be more breaking news on the situation tonight or early tomorrow because of the Glendale city council meeting scheduled to take place soon. We’ll let you know if any comes along.