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Kings’ coach Sutter not for NHL adopting Olympic point system


Darryl Sutter was, according to LA Kings Insider, asked Thursday about whether he’d be in favor of the National Hockey League adopting the Olympic point system, so he gave his answer.

He’s in against it. A refresher: In the Olympic competition, a regulation win is worth three points; an overtime or shootout win is worth two points and an overtime or shootout loss worth one point.

But enough is enough with respect to change in the NHL, according to Sutter.

“I hope not. Why? Because there are history books. The overtime change, the point change, the shootout change, that to me was enough. It’s just like watching [the United States-Canada women’s final]. Do you want that to go to a shootout? No,” the L.A. Kings’ head coach Darryl Sutter told reporters, as per LA Kings Insider.

And, he’s also not in favor of the shootout rule in international competition, in which one player can be used multiple times as the coach prefers, like when U.S. player T.J. Oshie scored four times on six attempts against Russia in the preliminary round.

Basically, it boils down to the fact Sutter, well, he just doesn’t like the shootout.

“I’m not in favor of the shootout. If it’s such a great thing, why don’t we do it at the start of the game, so players don’t have to worry about it at the end? We have such a great thing. If that’s all it is, just a spectacle, but if that’s the way teams get to make the playoffs, I totally disagree with it. There’s no team concept to it at all,” Sutter continued.

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