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Snow expected for Winter Classic

Ann Arbor

That’s a view of Ann Arbor this morning, shot from the 12th floor of the lovely Campus Inn hotel. If you look just to the right of those buildings in the middle and squint hard enough, you can almost make out the Big House, site of tomorrow’s Winter Classic between the Red Wings and Maple Leafs.

There’s a light snow falling at the moment, with temperatures around 15F. According to the Weather Network, the forecast for tomorrow is snow during the morning, transitioning to snow showers in the afternoon. The game starts at 1 p.m. ET, meaning the weather could create a pretty compelling scene for both those in the stadium and watching at home.

“In hockey, the success of the Winter Classic started in Buffalo because of that snow,” NBC Sports executive producer Sam Flood said yesterday during a conference call. “I think that snow-globe effect is something that people started talking about immediately. The snow-globe could be in full effect come New Year’s Day with 110-some-odd-thousand people around on a beautiful sheet of ice.”

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