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A correction about where the reporters watch the game

Yesterday I wrote that most of the reporters covering the Mets “didn’t even bother” to go up to the press box to watch the game. I owe those guys an apology. I’m informed today -- politely, by a writer who covered the Mets for several years, but who was not at the game Sunday -- that most of the seasoned guys watch from the stands, near the scouts. This makes perfect sense, really, given that they’re (a) better seats; and (b) you can get a lot more good info from hanging around scouts than you can from sitting up in the box.

Anyway, apologies if my ignorance on this point made a bad and misleading impression. I stand by what I said later in the day: the beat guys have a hard job and do it well. Given that they weren’t up squinting from where I was, they probably do it better than I even imagined.