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Motocross 2023: Results and points after SuperMotocross Round 21 at High Point

Thanks to his 3rd and 1st-place finishes in Moto 1 and Moto 2 at High Point, Hunter Lawrence stayed perfect in terms of 2023 overall 250 wins, but Jason Thomas reveals why he was docked seven points after the races.

It was not quite as dominant as in the first three rounds, but the Pro Motocross results from High Point Raceway in Mount Morris, Pennsylvania were the same as during the first three rounds with Jett Lawrence and Hunter Lawrence continuing their streak of winning every overall.

MX High Point 2023 Adam Cianciarulo sideways

Adam Cianciarulo has gotten better with each passing week. - Align Media

With Jett’s performance, the field saw his first bobble of the season. Midway through Moto 1 he buried his front wheel at the bottom of a jump and crashed, handing the lead over to Ken Roczen. In Moto 2, he had a poor start and lost ground after getting trapped behind Aaron Plessinger when that rider fell. The field finally had a chance to see how Lawrence would perform when he was forced to pass riders during the event. In many ways, the results of his High Point Motocross races were more valuable in the long run than dominant performances in the first three rounds.

Returning from a knee injury suffered in the Supercross finale at Salt Lake City, Roczen wondered what his conditioning would be. While he faded at the ends of both motos, he was easily the second fastest rider in the field and if not for an accident in the final lap of Moto 1, he would have ended with a pair of second-place results. Still, he combined to score 36 points in the event, which was enough to elevate him past Eli Tomac for fifth on the combined SuperMotocross Championship standings before he heads overseas to race in World Supercross.

RESULTS: Click here for full 450 Results; Click here for 250 Results

Adam Cianciarulo has gotten progressively stronger in four rounds of 2023. He finished sixth in the season opener and has improved by one position in the overall results with each successive week. He landed third on the chart this week with a pair of fourth-place moto finishes to score his first overall podium of 2023. Cianciarulo has said this is a rebuilding year and that progressive growth is precisely what is needed to reestablish him as a perennial contender.

Dylan Ferrandis had a difficult first moto when a slight crash at the beginning put him outside the top 20. He rallied to finish sixth but was frustrated that he never had a legitimate shot at the podium. The team made some changes to the bike and he came back out to finish third in Moto 2 to claim fourth overall.

Moto 1 Results | Lap Chart | Fastest Segment Times
Moto 2 Results | Lap Chart | Fastest Segment Times | Consolation Race

Cooper Webb finished third in Moto 1 and sixth in Moto 2 to earn 35 points and take sole possession of first in the SuperMotocross standings. He was able to make a huge leap toward keeping the No. 1 seed as Chase Sexton sat out another race because of a concussion suffered after Round 1 at Fox Raceway. Notably, both riders have now missed the same number of events, which gives Webb the overall edge in superiority despite Sexton’s Supercross championship.

With the 450 field decimated by injury, there are plenty of opportunities for privateers to shine and a pair landed just outside the top five in High Point.

Garrett Marchbanks had the best performance of his career with a second-place finish in Moto 1. He finished eighth in the second race and tied the fourth- and fifth-place riders in points earned, but lost those positions because of the tiebreaker.

Sitting seventh, Ty Masterpool earned his third consecutive top 10 and has been perfect since joining the circuit in Round 2 at Hangtown.

Click here for 450 Overall results | Rider Points | Manufacturer Points | Combined SMX points

Hunter Lawrence’s season is following a pattern. He’s won every overall this year after winning Moto 2 and finishing on the podium in each Moto 1. He typically dominates the second race, but Round 4’s Pro Motocross results at High Point were a variation on that theme. Lawrence came from deeper in the field in the second race than he’s accustomed, which may have made the victory all the sweeter.

MX High Point 2023 RJ Hampshire sprays champagne

RJ Hampshire won his second moto of 2023. - Align Media

Lawrence was docked seven points for jumping in a red flag section of the track, but the deduction applies only to championship points and he was allowed to keep the victory.

With Lawrence failing to win his first motos each week, it has opened the door for others to have a share of the limelight. RJ Hampshire has taken advantage of that the most so far. He seemed to be cruising toward the win when he crashed late in the event, handing the lead over to Haiden Deegan. Hampshire remounted and passed Deegan for his second moto win of 2023. Moto 2 did not go as well and he finished seventh after crashing on the opening lap with his teammate Jalek Swoll, who finished eighth overall.

Moto 1 Results | Lap Chart | Fastest Segment Times
Moto 2 Results | Lap Chart | Fastest Segment Times | Consolation Race

MX High Point 2023 Haiden Deegan too young to drink

Too young to legally drink, Haiden Deegan gives his champagne to the crew. - Align Media

Deegan came close to getting his second moto win until he was nipped at the end by Hampshire. Like Hampshire, his second moto was dramatic and a crash on the opening lap forced him to fight his way through the field. Afterward he said he was determined to either get on the overall podium or crash again. He kept his Yamaha on two wheels and finished third overall with a 2-6.

Jo Shimoda earned his first top-five on the 2023 Motorcoss season last week and with results of seventh and third at High Point, he backed it up with a fourth-place finish overall in Round 4. His strong run elevated him to ninth in the SuperMotocross points standings despite missing several Supercross rounds at the start of the season.

Click here for 250 Overall results | Rider Points | Manufacturer Points | Combined SMX points

With his background in international motocross, Tom Vialle was waiting for the outdoor season to begin. He posted back-to-back top-fives in the first two rounds before a crash at Thunder Valley in Round 3 contributed to an overall finish of 36th. It appeared he would struggle again in High Point with an 11th-place result in Moto 1, but he recovered in the second race for an impressive second-place finish that gave him fifth overall.

Chance Hymas narrowly missed getting a second consecutive top-five overall finish. With results of eighth in Moto 1 and fifth in Moto 2 he tied Ryder DiFrancesco at 29 points but secured sixth with the tiebreaker of the better second moto result.

2023 Motocross Results

Round 3: Jett Lawrence, Hunter Lawrence continue to win
Round 2: Jett Lawrence, Hunter Lawrence win again
Round 1: Jett Lawrence, Hunter Lawrence win

2023 Supercross Results

Round 17: Chase Sexton, Jett Lawrence win
Round 16: Chase Sexton, RJ Hampshire win
Round 15: Chase Sexton, Hunter Lawrence win
Round 14: Justin Barcia, Max Anstie win
Round 13: Chase Sexton, Hunter Lawrence win
Round 12: Eli Tomac, Jett Lawrence win
Round 11: Eli Tomac bounces back with sixth win
Round 10: Chace Sexton wins, penalized
Round 9: Ken Roczen wins
Round 8: Eli Tomac wins 7th Daytona
Round 7: Cooper Webb wins second race
Race 6: Eli Tomac, Jett Lawrence win
Race 5: Cooper Webb, Hunter Lawrence win
Race 4: Eli Tomac, Hunter Lawrence win
Race 3: Chase Sexton, Levi Kitchen win
Race 2: Eli Tomac, Jett Lawrence win
Round 1: Eli Tomac, Jett Lawrence win

2023 SuperMotocross Power Rankings

Week 20: Cooper Webb moves up
Week 19: Jett Lawrence pulls away
Week 18: Jett Lawrence rockets to the top
Week 16: Chase Sexton takes SX title
Week 15: Eli Tomac is back on top
Week 14: Justin Barcia, most of top 20, hold steady
Week 13: Justin Barcia leapfrogs the Big Three
Week 12: Eli Tomac gains momentum
Week 11: Cooper Webb, Eli Tomac overtake Chase Sexton
Week 10: Chase Sexton leads with consistency
Week 8: Chase Sexton unseats Eli Tomac
Week 7: Jason Anderson narrowly trails Eli Tomac
Week 6: Perfect Oakland night keeps Eli Tomac first
Week 5: Cooper Webb, Chase Sexton close gap
Week 4: Eli Tomac retakes lead
Week 3: Ken Roczen takes the top spot
Week 2: Ken Roczen moves up; Chase Sexton falls
Week 1: Eli Tomac tops 450s; Jett Lawrence 250s