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Martin Truex Jr. tells he won’t retaliate against Logano, ‘but things have changed between us’

Martin Truex Jr. said he will not retaliate against Joey Logano for the incident in Martinsville, but that doesn't mean that he should be considered soft.

Martin Truex Jr. won’t change the way he races after his last-lap run-in with Joey Logano at Martinsville Speedway, and that includes not retaliating against Logano.

Truex indicated in an interview with ESPN that he wouldn’t retaliate against Logano as Matt Kenseth did in 2015 when he intentionally wrecked Logano from the lead at Martinsville.

“I don’t see myself following Kenseth, but things have changed between us, I tell you that,” Truex said Thursday before a Toyota employee day event at its Plano, Texas, headquarters.

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Logano won Sunday’s race, and Truex finished third after Logano executed a bump-and-run on Truex in the final turn.

Afterward, Truex told NBCSN, “I’m just not going to let him win (the championship). I’m going to win it.”

Four days later, Truex firmly established he wouldn’t wreck a competitor to win a race or a championship.

“I am who I am who I am,” Truex told ESPN. “I race how I race. You just can’t have one race not go your way and completely change everything about yourself.”

Truex also revealed he has communicated with Logano via text message, an exchange he initiated “to see what he’d say.”