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Fired-up David West: ‘You can’t take it with you. The Egyptians learned that’ (video)

David West sacrificed more than $10 million to chase a ring on minimum deals, first with the Spurs then with the Warriors.

That paid off when the 36-year-old forward won his first title with Golden State last night.


It’s been a long journey, and it feels great to get here. It feels better than I thought it would. All honesty. It’s not about being the No. 1 or No. 2 or getting all the shots. That stuff is irrelevant. It’s about winning. It’s about being a part of journey. It’s about being a part of every single step. It’s about winning.
You can’t take it with you. The Egyptians learned that. You can’t bury it and take the treasures with you. So it’s about the small things in life, the accomplishments, man. It’s about winning.

West is so much of what the Warriors want to be about – good at basketball, wise in many areas and darned competitive.

He also helped set an example for Kevin Durant before either arrived in Golden State, which might count for something.