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Kevin Durant: Media tried to separate Warriors, ‘didn’t do that with LeBron and D Wade and Bosh’

Kevin Durant once said Michael Jordan never went through what he did.

Who else got treated better than Durant did during his time with the Warriors, according to Durant? LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh with the Heat and Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce with the Celtics.

Durant on All The Smoke:

The media is just trying so hard to separate this thing. And I was just like, for what? You didn’t do that with LeBron and D Wade and Bosh. You didn’t do that with those guys. You didn’t do that with KG and Paul Pierce. You didn’t try to separate them. It’s like, oh, why are you trying to separate me from the rest of the team. And you actually are making this your job, your duty to do so, is to push this narrative every day. People call me wild for calling it out. But I’m just like, nah, I think it’s corny.

The big difference between the Durant and the stars he mentioned: The Warriors already had a proven championship-caliber team when he arrived. Boston had a brand new identity with Garnett, Pierce and Ray Allen. Miami had a brand new identity with LeBron, Wade and Bosh. It was easy to view Durant as superfluous, even as he asserted himself.

Also: The idea people didn’t try to separate Bosh from the rest of the Heat is completely ahistorical.

And it’s not as if this Durant/rest-of-Warriors narrative was just some media creation. The Warriors themselves openly discussed him as a little different than the rest of the group. In watching them play, it was obvious his preferred style of play didn’t neatly match the rest of the team. You can even go straight to the horse’s mouth.

This is the same Durant who said he isolated himself after a spat with Draymond Green, decided midway through the season to leave Golden State, said he never fit in like the other Warriors. Now he’s blaming the media? Talk about corny.