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Mark Cuban not done banging on the Heat, says they’re a team “only locals can love”

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Okay Mark, we get it.

Mark Cuban thinks people will hate the new Miami Heat, then will tune in to watch and root against them. And that at the end of the day that is good for the league because people are watching and involved.

Cuban did a chat with the Fort Worth Star Telegram and more things to say about the Heat (via Ira Winderman):

“I actually like the way it went down. They are going to be a team only the locals can love. Which means there is going to be a lot of interest in not liking the Heat. Which is great for the league...

“As far as future teams doing the same thing, Donnie and Nellie taught me years ago that the worst GMs in the league are active players,” Cuban offered. “They aren’t very good at player evaluation and even worse at understanding how to put together a team.

“Maybe it will work for the Heat, maybe it won’t. But if this is a trend, it won’t be long before someone bets the Trifecta and loses big.

Cuban is right that current players are terrible at putting a team together. No worse than some GMs, we should add.

And we agree -- there will be plenty of hate for the Heat out there. We’ve indexed it and everything.

But the drum beat of this is wearing on us. Time to move on. Camps are opening and it is time for the public to decide who they like and don’t, who they watch and don’t, and why. That includes the Heat.