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Video: Follow Royce White through NBA draft day

Kevin McHale, Royce White

Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale, left, and one of the team’s first-round draft picks, Royce White, joke during a news conference Friday, June 29, 2012, in Houston. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)


If you watch one video today, this should be it. Fantastic work.

Grantland got access to Iowa State’s Royce White and it was a heck of a ride. White is a point-forward with a lot of skills, maybe top 10 talent in this draft, but a guy who battles an anxiety disorder and that was one of the things that scared teams off. General managers can be risk-averse — if they can get someone solid they may take that over the guy like White with the upside but they fear could flame out.

Get to the four-minute mark of the video, where White’s agent basically tells him if the Rockets don’t take him he could plummet down the board (the Rockets did take him at 16). To me, that was a good spot to take the gamble — if White pans out he has the diverse skill set to fit well into a position revolution NBA. He can do so many things. You have to roll the dice on that upside, not take the safe route.

Watch the video. Great stuff.

Hat tip to The Big Lead.