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Why yes, somebody did interview Bango the deer

If you’ve been reading this site or any other over the past several weeks, you are likely already familiar with the exploits of Bango the Deer. The Bucks mascot achieved YouTube stardom by doing a backflip dunk off a 16-foot ladder during Monday’s game four. Keep in mind that Bango has already torn an ACL in the line of mascot duty.

This scripted Bango video surfaced around the same time the dunk video did. In it, Bango goes around the streets of Milwaukee and assaults anyone wearing an Al Horford jersey. It functions both as a Bucks fan video and a meditation on hunting. I’m not saying that Bango deserves all the credit for the Bucks’ three-game winning streak in their series against the Hawks. I’m simply implying that he deserves most of it.

Don Walker of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel wisely recognized the people’s demand for Bango, and tracked him down for an exclusive interview recently. Naturally, the main topic of discussion was the backflip dunk. Here’s what he had to say about the stunt:

“The playoffs inspire everyone to step up their game, and I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to attempt one of the biggest, scariest stunts I’ve ever seen. Jerry Burrell (the Houston Rockets mascot, called Turbo) was the first person to complete the dunk but more recently the mascot for the OKC Thunder attempted it a few weeks ago but failed to make the dunk.”

When asked about how he practiced for the dunk, Bango had this to say:

“Practice? I would love to tell you that I put hours of practice in, but I had to keep this one quiet so that I wasn’t told not to do it. I did spend countless hours preparing mentally.”

Let’s all make sure we’re on the same page here. Bango didn’t even get to practice that dunk because he was afraid people, namely doctors, wouldn’t let him do it if they found out about it. I have run out of superlatives for this man-deer.