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McLellan: McDavid probably feels large part of 0-4 record ‘falls on his shoulders’

Connor McDavid

Connor McDavid


If there’s one thing the Edmonton Oilers have provided Connor McDavid with so far, it’s a lesson in adversity at the big stage.

The Oilers have opened the season with four straight losses, including a 4-2 defeat to the St. Louis Blues in their home opener on Thursday. It’s left Oilers coach Todd McLellan worried that McDavid might be taking this all too personally.

“I don’t know how much pressure he’s feeling. I think I do. But I don’t know how much he carries. I think he feels there’s a large chunk of our 0-4 record probably falls on his shoulders,” McLellan said, per the Edmonton Sun.

“I did pull him aside in Dallas and talk to him about the shared pieces of pressure in terms of wins and losses. When it goes good he’s only going to have a little bit of it. When it goes bad he’s only going to have a little bit of it.”

Edmonton winning the draft lottery certainly breathed a new sense of optimism into the franchise and thus far the 2015-16 campaign has proven to be more of the same. Still, it would be premature to pass judgment on McDavid or, for that matter, the 2015-16 Oilers.

At least now his NHL debut and first home opener are behind him.

“I’m just looking forward to getting down to a more normal routine now,” McDavid said.

Edmonton will go back on the road to battle Calgary on Saturday.