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Report: At least one team has offered a first-round pick and a prospect for Andrew Ladd

Andrew Ladd

FILE - In this Oct. 31, 2015, file photo, Winnipeg Jets’ Andrew Ladd is shown during an NHL hockey game against Columbus Blue Jackets in Columbus, Ohio. Ladd is among the best players expected to be available at the NHL trade deadline. (AP Photo/Paul Vernon, File)


We’re just over a week away from the NHL’s trade deadline and things are starting to heat up.

According to TSN’s Gary Lawless, the Winnipeg Jets have received at least one offer for captain Andrew Ladd.

From what Lawless has gathered, the offer included a first-round pick and a prospect.

Last week, a report surfaced saying that Winnipeg was in no hurry to trade Ladd because the Jets were going to take one more run at trying to re-sign him.

One unnamed NHL executive believes Winnipeg shouldn’t wait too long to pull the trigger on a deal.

“You never know, with the interest this high, you might get more than a pick and a prospect. You might get a player too,” said the executive, per Lawless. “The trick now is to not get greedy. If someone offers your price or better, now is the time to take it. The market can work in your favour and get you a high price. But it can also collapse on you.”

Anaheim, Chicago, Florida, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Washington are all reportedly interested in Ladd’s services.

It appears likely that any deal for Ladd will have to include a first-round pick and more.

Not sure how valuable first round picks are in today’s NHL?

Check out this excerpt from Lawless’ story:

First-round picks are worth an awful lot in today’s NHL. One GM put it this way: “If you’re looking to get pregnant, you don’t deal your first. But if you’re already a little pregnant and are hoping for twins, you’re more likely to make the move. And if you’re a team like the Hawks, dealing a first in order to have quadruplets [four Stanley Cups in seven seasons], you make the deal.”