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Watch Alex Ovechkin smash glass with his head

Alex Ovechkin smashing glass

Alex Ovechkin’s times with Dynamo Moscow haven’t been teeming over with highlight reel plays, but he’s certainly making an impact on the league... Just not in the way you’d think.

During Dynamo’s 4-1 win over Atlant, Ovechkin not only scored a goal but managed to cause a bit of a delay thanks to smashing a pane of glass after delivering a check. What caused the destruction? Ovi’s head of course. Check out the video courtesy of the KHL.

OK the video is a bit weird as we get to see Ovechkin get undressed outside the locker room to get the glass out of his equipment and he apparently gets his hand worked on as well. All that destruction from just his head though? Yowza.

(Photo via Pavel Lysenkov)