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Twitter feed: Feelings on Olympic effort, 140 bits at a time


What supporters, media influencers and even some of the U.S. under-23 players are saying this morning via Twitter about the Olympic disappointment:

Good morning. Headache. Gutted. –‏ @TaylorTwellman

Can somebody fill me in on what happened last night? I watched the game but I’ve already repressed the memories. #USMNT – @dennisnoble

I really hope there’s a #USMNT high in the near future to counter this current low. This one hurts real bad. –‏ @robertmcasner


Attendance in Nashville: 7,889. Beautiful field & stadium, nice city, but ..... –‏ @SoccerInsider

Don’t like having your heart-broken from time to time? Then stop being a soccer fan. –‏ @JerseyJBradley

48, and lived through “catastrophic” moments for #USMNT. Also seen “we’ve made it” moments. If it was easy, we wouldn’t love it. New day. –‏ @JerseyJBradley


As disappointed as I am, I love the drama of U23s. Reminds me of college basketball – @paris_gargoyle:

No hyperbole, no sweeping generalizations. Just this: This sucks. –‏ @jonahfreedman

The other reason I’m mad about this newest qualifying disaster is I hoped it would lead to a big move for either Agudelo or Boyd. –‏ @MindOfAbram


Porter on what he said to Sean Johnson: “I just hugged him. Cried with him. What more do you do?” It was heartbreaking to listen. –‏ @noahedavis

The U23s not qualifying is neither “a good thing” nor “a blessing in disguise” it just sucks. –‏ @MindOfAbram

Can’t sleep. Thanks to all the fans that came to support and those at home. Ur support during times like this is incredible. #USMNT –‏ @FreddyAdu


Big Congrats to Terrance Boyd for his first goals for the USA. Great kid and a good player. #Boyd #USMNT – @JozyAltidore

Proud of this U23 team. A lot of talent and promising players. Heads up guys, Keep working hard. #USMNT –‏ @JozyAltidore

Never seen a coach as emotionally devastated in a press conference as Caleb Porter. He was stunned. Most of the players wore a similar look – @SoccerByIves


Sunil Gulati does not select the players. It was Caleb Porter who chose to pick a side with two true defenders, neither in-form. -- @ArkJayBell

What happened to the possession play that Caleb Porter promised? Sad day for all players/fans/coaches/supporters of @ussoccer – @Maldoned

Not the end of the world. Youth system needs an overhaul to play the right way. Caleb Porter can help with that. #USMNT – @EvanReam


Can’t believe the #USMNT aren’t gonna be going to London this year. Well, I finally have something in common with them, I guess. – @iowaradioguy

Still in shock after watching our u23 Men’s team fail to qualify for olympics... No words describe how sad I feel for the guys right now. – @alexmorgan13