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Mike Florio

Rich Rodriguez previously admitted it was a mistake for him to leave West Virginia more than three years ago.
Yeah, I don’t post here very often.
As the entirely avoidable death of Declan Sullivan continues to gnaw at me like that feeling of something I’ve forgotten to do or the sense that there’s something I need to remember to do but can’t quite remember what it is, the only way to make the discomfort subside for the next 10 hours or so is to write about the situation.
Earlier today, we offered 898 free Gillette ProGlide razors at PFT on a first-come, first-served basis.
So the family is gathered to watch the Gator Bowl with two other televisions tuned to other games.
In response to the shocking news that Florida coach Urban Meyer will be resigning as the team’s head coach for health reasons, an NFL source tells us that Meyer has informed the team that he has a heart problem.
It’s sad night here in West Virginia.
As widely expected, Notre Dame has fired coach Charlie Weis.
After his team’s 45-38 loss to Stanford on Saturday night, Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis didn’t meet with reporters.
At the top of the Illinois-Cincinnati broadcast on ABC, Bob Griese offered up a nugget nearly as eyebrow-raising as Griese’s recent commentary regarding Colombian cuisine.
[Editor’s note: We really don’t want him to stink things up over here, since he does a more-than-sufficient job of that at PFT.
During the closing moments of Saturday night’s Iowa-Penn State game, ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit said that he has received a text message from the University of Florida Sports Information Director indicating that Gators quarterback Tim Tebow will be held overnight in a Lexington hospital as a precautionary measure.
[Editor’s note: We thought we had changed the locks.
Texas Tech coach Mike Leach landed in the NFL news over the weekend after calling out Browns coach Eric Mangini.
Despite an express acknowledgement from former Duke basketball player Greg Paulus that he would be competing for the starting quarterback job at Michigan in 2009, recently reported that Michigan no longer is pursuing Paulus’ services.Apart from a mention of the report by our friends at, the item has apparently gotten little or no play.Assuming the report is true (since, you know -- cough,, cough -- these things are never wrong), let’s take this opportunity to explore the deeper question triggered by Michigan’s flirtation with Paulus: Why did Wolverines coach Rich Rodriguez want him?
In a February interview with Chris Harry of the Orlando Sentinel, Gruden declined to say that his new interest in college football generally and the spread offense specifically means that he’s interested in becoming a college coach.Later in the month, on the heels of his first stint as a talking head with NFL Network, Gruden declined to rule out coaching at the college level.The comments came in a February 26 interview with Howard Eskin of WIP, which we missed at the time because we were focused on free agency -- and likewise were focused on keeping the site from exploding in the face of unprecedented traffic.”
The situation at Northern Iowa Area Community College has gone from a heartwarming episode to a possible idea for one of the episodes of Michael Strahan’s new sitcom on FOX.On Thursday, word broke that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and three other unnamed NFL players were putting together roughly $150,000 to save the football program at NIACC.It was a great story, a welcome respite from the endless talk of drunk driving and marijuana possession.And, of course, it wasn’t true.Assistant coach Kevin Griffin admitted Friday that he never actually spoke to Peterson about the situation.
Due to budget cuts, Northern Iowa Area Community College announced earlier this week plans to scrap its football program, which dates back to the 1940s.Enter four NFL players.Due to contributions from Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and three other unnamed (for now) NFL players, the program possibly will survive for at least another year.Peterson and others reportedly are donating nearly $150,000 to the cause.An NIACC assistant coach apparently has ties to Peterson from their high school careers in Texas.
We continue to be upset about the fact that the Utah Utes went undefeated during the 2008 football season, pounded the Crimson Tide into a brownish stain at the Sugar Bowl, and nevertheless received no serious consideration for the National Championship.In the “official” USA Today poll, only Utah coach Kyle Whittingham broke ranks, voting his 13-0 team as the best in the land.
After two years out of football, former Pitt and Stanford coach Walt Harris has resurfaced.He rejoins the game not as a head coach or even as an offensive coordinator.
Whenever we mention over at PFT the possibility of former Bucs coach Jon Gruden becoming a college coach, various commenters argue that the chronically-impatient Gruden would never be able to work with quarterbacks so young and inexperienced.But there are signs that Gruden might be plotting a return to the sport at the college level.According to Chris Harry of the Orlando Sentinel, Gruden has an office at the St.
Earlier today, Keith Arnold posted an item regarding the Al Davis-style rantings of Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin.Kiffin objected to the fact that Florida coach Urban Meyer called a recruit during his on-campus visit to Knoxville.
Back in 2001, I envisioned that Vince McMahon’s XFL eventually would court high school players.It never happened, primarily because the XFL lasted only one season.Since then, the NFL has slammed the door on high schoolers, via the Maurice Clarett lawsuit and subsequent clarification of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which expressly requires any new player to be at least three years removed from the graduation of his high school class.But there’s a new alternative -- and it’s not the upstart UFL.
Pitt offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh, a past scapegoat of the NFL’s Ravens and a potential scapegoat in his current place of employment, has opted to avoid the possibility of being fired by the Panthers by jumping back to the NFL.Per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Cavanaugh is expected to resign, and to accept a job with the New York Jets.Cavanaugh has spent four seasons as Pitt’s offensive coordinator.