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How to split a 12-team Pac-10

With the addition of Utah -- whether it be in 2011 or 2012 -- it’s a virtual certainty that the 12-team Pac-10 will split into two divisions and hold a conference championship game at the end of the regular season.

Much like with the Big Ten, however, the questions becomes just how the conference will split the 12 teams.

As we did with the Big Ten following the addition of Nebraska, we’ll take a stab at how a two-division Pac-10 may look. Based on geography, it would make sense for the conference to split into sort of a North and South division. Whether that’s exactly how the Pac-10 decides to divide remains to be seen as the ink’s not even dry on Utah’s acceptance to an invite, but here goes nothing anyway.


CalOregonOregon StateStanfordWashingtonWashington State


ArizonaArizona StateColoradoUSCUCLAUtah

Obviously, each school would play five games a year against the schools in their division. Based on the conference’s history, they would then play four games annually against schools in the opposite division, giving each member nine conference games a year.

At first blush, that would seem to be the most logical way to split the schools up, but we are open to any and all suggestions. Not that you need to be prompted in any way, shape or form.