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Comment of the Day: let’s not get too worked up over the Sox docs

Longtime reader Evan has a pretty good point in response to the Red Sox medical staff stuff from earlier this afternoon. Basically, the knives are out for one and all as it dawns on everyone that the season is going to end on October 3rd:

I think this is more a product of the team’s disappointing season rather than anything tangible. If the Sox were in first place (or even ahead in the Wild Card standings) would anyone be questioning decisions by their medical staff and/or communication from their front office? No.

When a season doesn’t go your way, everyone from the bat boy to the owner is an accessory. I bet someone writes an article about the rude parking lot attendants that send disillusioned fans into the stadium. Instead of cheering, the fans spend the game complaining about the bad service and the home field advantage is jeopardized.

He could very well be right. Red Sox Nation has a tendency to eat their own when things go bad.