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Andre Drummond, Quincy Acy both ejected after dust up that involved referee getting forearm (VIDEO)

Boy, that escalated quickly.

In the third quarter Sunday Detroit’s Andre Drummond and Brooklyn’s Quincy Acy were battling under the basket when Acy stripped Drummond and the ball got away, then Acy threw a punch to the mid-section of Drummond, causing the Piston big man to turn and square off on him. They jawed. As a referee stepped in to separate them (with the help of other players) Drummond shoved Acy back.

Then, well, it really got out of hand quickly.

Acy tried to come back at Drummond and in making an NFL defensive lineman swim move his forearm caught official David Guthrie in the face and knocked him back.

Both men were ejected. The Pistons went on to win the game without Drummond.

Fines and maybe a suspension will be coming down, and Acy’s going to get the stiffer end of the penalties. He earned it.